October 28, 2010

"Let me kiss your feet."

Cast & crew of Asher Hartman's ANNIE OKAY at the Hammer Museum
And with those beautiful words, so came to end the LA premiere of my friend Asher Hartman's glorious performance play ANNIE OKAY, or as I kept on mentioning to Ash all throughout production, "we're like the Lord of the Rings of the art world!" Lesson learned ~ intention is everything! Whether it's an actor delivering lines or a director imparting their script to the actors, if the intention is there, with enough diligence, discipline, repetition, and commitment, what might seem initially unclear or singular, can be universal and strong. Everyone is vulnerable, and everyone is capable. THANK YOU ANNIE OKAY family.

"Beg, beg to be soft and gentle. Though it be against your nature, Let your soul drift, I am telling you this from the Other Side, As one who has made his mistakes, There is no elegance, no beauty, no passion, Above, the intersection of you and I........Let me kiss your feet."

Spoken by the ghost of Yul Brynner in ANNIE OKAY, written & directed by Asher Hartman.