August 9, 2013

On my last morning in Brooklyn I hopped down to the 7th Av Q station to make one last trip into the city. While walking down the stairs, the gentle sounds of a guitar and two voices singing in harmony drifted up. On the platform about 10 people in the beginnings of their morning commute all had smiles on their faces, completely enchanted by these musicians. Their melodies made everyone's Wednesday morning worlds seem so much larger, so much more heroic. Most everyone made contributions, and for the first time ever I bought a CD on the spot. 

Back in L.A. I had put listening to the CD on hold, figuring that the live experience of hearing the magical musicians surely would not be replicated in their studio sound. Much to my relief and gratitude, the CD took me on an epic journey full of strong gusts of wind and the sound of trees moving, all from my tiny little room in Alhambra. Bird Courage, your music gives me courage!