September 12, 2013

Popular lady, Rijks Museum, September 10, 2013
It's kind of wonderful to think that just 48 hours earlier these eyeballs were looking upon 500 year old homes and canals, Rembrandts and de Hooch's, and the place from which ships and men of the Dutch East India Company sailed off to reach the shores of Hirado, Japan. 

Holland's oldest town of 2,000 years, Nijmegen is home to Extrapool, an experimental art, performance, and print space founded in 1991 by a brave and committed collective of artist squatters. They still run the space to this day. The expression "power to the people" rings true in the tradition and prevalence of squatting.

Eindhoven (the other city of light - bulbs that is), a working class city, bombed extensively during World War II, home to the Phillips factory and laboratory through which some notable pioneering sound engineers passed (Bose, Hanso Henricus Schotanus a Steringa).

Tomato soup and sandwiches, andijvie stampot (mashed potato with vegetables), softer "g" pronunciation in the South, and mini home installations in window sills (flowers in Nijmegen, objects in Eindhoven). 

Just one wish- that I may be as graceful a host to future visitors to Los Angeles, as Lilia and Lars and everyone at Extrapool were to me. Thank you for such "gezellig" company and time. Until we meet again...