January 9, 2016

A lightbox, field guide, peg bar, kodalith, acme hole punched cells, acme hole punched exeter paper, masking tape and an exacto knife. These are all the ingredients needed to "strip up" and  create the title cards that contain the credit info that will run at the end of my 16mm film The Soroban and the Abacus.  Once each title card is created, each card will be shot on 16mm film on an Oxberry. What I am grateful for in this process is the amount of resources I am pooling from different filmmakers to make this happen. Even though there is always talk of the impending demise of celluloid, there are filmmakers who are spending their time furiously shooting film projects and finishing in film, as much as they can, while they can. Thank you Kate Brown and thank you Margo Victor for being such forces for film goodness and sustenance. #shootfilmdontkillit