February 21, 2011

Color me goodwill

                                                    The Goodwill color code sketched after my last shift.

I just finished 48 hours of community service in lieu of paying a $500 ticket for driving through a red light in Culver City (yes, it is possible to opt for community service if you can't/don't want to pay the outrageous amount, and no, you do not wear an orange jumpsuit for a traffic violation). My assignment was the Goodwill Store where I spent my 6 hour shifts organizing both the hardware section by material- wood, plastic, metal, glass, colored glass and all clothing in color order - pinks to reds to oranges to yellows to browns to greens to blues to purples to blacks and finally whites. I LOVED IT! It turns out this was the perfect assignment for my obsessiveness. If I might say so myself, that Goodwill Store looked super gooooood those 2 weeks!