October 30, 2011

Introducing you to you!

The beautiful Skyline room at the Walker Art Center
My co-Krystal Kruncher, Asher and I are gearing up for a Krystal Krunch "Never Been To Me" Tour at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis in January brrrrrrrrr yes!! Here's our blurb on the energy reading/workshop/intuitive art tour that we'll be conducting. City of the lakes here we come!

"Join Los Angeles intuitive duo Krystal Krunch as they introduce you to You in this fun and easy intuition workshop and art tour. Come and watch your intuitive powers magically grow! Be amazed by your own realizations!  Marvel as you instantly connect with human beings! See deep within the mysteries of art!

Krystal Krunch will whisk you away to an inner journey beginning with an intuitive workshop in the Walker’s magnificent Skyline Room. Participants will see their intuitive powers magically grow, instantly making connections with others. With the mind’s eye wide open participants will then take a special intuitive tour of the museum ending in the exhibition
Midnight Party where dreams, fantasies, and visions manifest in remarkable 20th century artworks."