November 10, 2011

First In, Last Out

Hard hatted Haru! Down the street from my old stomping ground CalArts! @ Fire Station 132 under construction. 
The super tall folding "French" windows were amazing.....Thanks to Christine Nguyen for taking my hard hat photo!!
Did you know that if you walk into any Fire Station and ask for a tour, they will gladly give you one! Apparently since Fire Stations are publicly funded, they are more than happy to show inquiring minds around. Yay! Well on Monday I got to check out 2 Fire Stations in Santa Clarita that are currently under construction. I was there with the LA County Arts Commission and 2 other artists...Together, we are all in the running to becoming Santa Clarita's next Fire Station public artist! My final interview is today! The challenge? How to convince Fire Fighters with a 2 dimensional project that they feel justifies spending public funds on vs. upgrading equipment etc. The best project?! --> Fire Fighter Rich Hall described an amazing fire pit that an artist designed that Fire Fighters could sit and relax around after a loooong day. Wow! I get happy and soothed just thinking about that project!!

Fingers crossed xxxxxxx