July 23, 2012

OH..dinosaur (2012)

O H is comprised of 51 inkjet prints, the vast majority of which are stills pulled from video clips shot in Los Angeles, Kham, Tibet, Beijing and Chengdu, China, and the Long Beach Aquarium. O H is a journey back and forth, in a span of minutes, days, hours, and years. What if it was already happening? What if what you wanted was today? Past, present, future in one mind. Tibet, China, L.A., in one body. Amidst the barrage of PEACE and LOVE and I AM (___fill in the blank__) , WE ARE (___fill in the blank___) marketing campaigns, a gentle O H. Quiet lightening. Receding waters. The woman in the bed who blinked in the dark (Chris Marker). The dinosaur who was still there (Augusto Monterosso).