March 11, 2013

One scene I've always liked in Chinese restaurants (I have yet to see it any other type of restaurant) is the one of the wait staff and kitchen staff stringing beans and sprouts during their down time at some corner table. It seemed that everyone (well almost everyone), no matter their station, contributed to this basic task.

Yesterday, I got to be in that scene! I was one of those people in the back, stringing and snapping a whole crate of string beans while helping out at Lunar Feast Bodhi Cuisine, a Chinese vegetarian restaurant in Rosemead, CA.

Looking at so many green beans reminded me of its french name - haricot verts and how people would often think that was my name- 'Oh, your name is Ha-ri-ko? Like Green Bean in French!!" I've never quite connected with the association, but it's always better than people mishearing my name "Ha-ru-ko" as "How'd it go?".....As in, "Hi, I'm ____. What's your name?" "Haruko." "Oh, I'm doing fine thanks, but what's your name?" "..........That is my name." "....Oh...."

A more recent mishearing since coming to Tibetan Buddhism has been when I've introduced myself to Tibetans or anyone very familiar with Tibetan Buddhism. "He-ru-ka" is the term for blood drinking wrathful wisdom deities. Needless to say, I've gotten a lot of double takes, looks of disbelief, and chuckles,  whenever making introductions.