July 3, 2014

from Adjunct Underground:

"Just released!!! KCHUNG Radio's Adjunct Underground presents an collectively read audiobook of Joe Berry's Reclaiming the Ivory Tower: Organizing Adjuncts to Change Higher Education! 69 current or former adjunct instructors (including yours truly, and Krystal Krunch cohort Asher Hartman) have banded together to each read short portions of the entire text. Adjunct Underground has made the entire audiobook available for download. Listen online, listen in the car while driving from campus to campus!

Adjunct Underground is a KCHUNG Radio broadcast and movement dedicated to the trials and tribulations of adjunct instructors in Los Angeles, and throughout the universe! Underground broadcasts feature stories, conversations, interveiws, rants, and more from a bunker-full of adjunct djs and hosts, many of whom risk their livelihoods meeting with Adjunct Underground to share their stories and insight on the precarity of today's contingent education professionals. Adjuncts Unite! Underground! on KCHUNG Radio!"